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LBL and Tennessee

Posted by on July 31, 2013

Change of plan this morning.  Instead of a rest day today and a final 650 mile push on Thursday we decided to leave Land Between the Lakes early and get part way home.  We slept in- (G way in) and I was awoken by the children saying, “Mom is in the shower and has no water”.  Not no hot water mind you but no water at all.  That ended my peaceful sleep as I jumped up startled.  L had no water when she woke up and rather than tell me she had just flipped on the water pump and used the water in the travel reservoir- normally not a problem since it is over 50 gallons but I have been keeping the water reservoir low to save weight.  I stepped outside to the sight of backhoes, workers and front-end loaders working away at a water main problem- they had shut off the water while working- and I had slept through all their banging for the last 2 hours!  L got enough water to finish her shower- crisis averted!  We decided to make the trip south down through LBL on the secondary road called The Trace instead of the interstate since it is a scenic highway.  We made a quick stop at the LBL visitor center (which also has a planetarium) before getting on the road.  The planetarium has shows on the hour but we had missed it and they were charging to see it- we have gotten spoiled with all of the freebies at the national parks like movies, ranger talks, ranger walks, evening presentations, etc.  We cut over toward the interstate and went on possibly the smallest width bridge we have been on in the rv when two dump trucks were coming the other way.  I came to a complete stop and the dump trucks slowed to about 5 miles per hour to pass within inches of us.  We thought we were in the clear till another dump truck came barreling along and passed us going 35.  I about lost it.  We go on to the interstate and hit Nashville just at the beginning of rush hour- slow going.  Stopped at Steak N Shake for dinner- (Cook Out should be putting them out of business soon since they are neither proficient at steak nor shakes).  Pushed on for the next 2.5 hours on I-40 passing through Knoxville and have called it a day just outside Seiverville, TN at a rest area.  Ironically, we stopped at rest area on our first night too!  On to home tomorrow!

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