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Posted by on July 7, 2013

Another great successful morning.  We got in line this morning at about 8am hoping to get tickets for an early ride up the Arch.  It worked; we started our ascent up to 600 feet.  We all did really well…even the child (who shall remain nameless:)) who is very afraid of heights.

At the top of the Gateway Arch.

At the top of the Gateway Arch.

It was really cool up there and it is amazing how far you can see.  We got back down with just a few minutes to get into the theater for the movie, Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West.  It was great.  With some “Soarin'” type scenes, adventure, and history…it was a hit for all of us.  It was fun to personalize their adventure with our own as we were heading off westward out of St. Louis on our own adventure!






Under the Arch

Under the Arch

We were packed up and on the road again a little after noon.  We just got to our overnight stop.  A little rv park right off of I70 called Triple J in Russell, KS.  It is a long stretch of hwy from St. Louis to Colorado.  Travelling about 480 miles today we drove across the entire state of Missouri and are about 1/2 way through Kansas.  Tomorrow we will start early to finish the last 425  miles to Estes Park, CO.  425 miles may not seem like too far but we can only pull the car at max, 65mph and we expect to start climbing mountains.  Just think of G in his glory, corvette, driving days…now he is just about the slowest one on the road.  Willing to sacrifice his ego for the engine of the Explorer.  I guess we are officially responsible adults. :)  One thing is for sure…we are all looking forward to getting to Estes Park, CO where we will stay for 3 nights.  No major driving and no moving the camper.  Yay!!

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  1. Jeff Marshall

    Looks like fun, I kept a note book on our trip cross country. We will do another one when I retire in 5 years this time I40 and south. I remember our trip to St. Louis and the St Louis Arch. It too involve crazy traffic. I locked the brakes up in the motorhome on the freeway to avoid hitting a car. Everything inside went flying, including the TV.


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