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California Bound!

Posted by on June 9, 2017

We are very excited for our big Super Summer RV trip this year!  We had some electrical issues with the motorhome in the week leading up to departure and the good folks at TTT Freightliner got us wrapped up and out the door just before noon today.  Our normal time frame of 2-3 days for packing the RV had to be condensed down to <8 hours as we rushed to get everything on board!  Our months of planning and tying up loose ends at home came to their end today as we set off right at 8pm (only 8 hours later than planned!) Our timeline for this summer’s trip is larger than normal- 44 days, but we know we still need to pack a lot into those days much to the chagrin of Thomas and Victoria who in normal teenager dramatic flair have “lost their summer due to this trip”!  We made the decision for this trip to go out through the southern part of the country and then spend over a month in California before heading back home on I-40 East.  We loaded the last items in the RV, hooked up the Explorer and posed for a quick family picture before pulling out of town.  We made our way down I-26 and I-20 and pulled into a Walmart parking lot in Madison, Georgia (about 1 hour east of Atlanta) around 1:30 AM.  We are worn out and tired but are all excited to be on the road!

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