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Big Bend National Park!

Posted by on June 12, 2017

We left San Antonio late this morning around 9am.  Our campground was on the east side of the city and the campground manager said, “Either leave by 6am or after 9am or be ready to sit in traffic”.  A 6am time was originally considered but quickly dismissed for what it was- outright lunacy!  We made the 5.5 hour trip across the Texas plains and arrived to a hot Fort Stockton, Texas midafternoon.  After a quick set up of camp, the 4 of us and Izzy the dog piled in the Explorer for the 2 hour trip south to the heart of Big Bend NP.  We had heard the saying,

Big Bend at sunset

“No one gets to Big Bend NP accidentally”, and we soon found that to be true as we crossed some pretty remote territory with few road and even fewer cars!  We were all highly surprised by the natural beauty of Big Bend- we spent most of our time in the Chisos Basin area which had winding roads that climbed over 2,000 feet into cooler (our favorite word this week) mountain habitat. We enjoyed a very nice dinner at the Chisos Basis Restaurant and a beautiful sunset across the jagged mountain range as we began our drive back to the camper.  We spotted mule deer, roadrunner birds, and Javelina. With more time at our next visit, we would like to go all the way down the Rio Grande and explore that section of the park.  Everyone except me took a snooze on the way home and we pulled into the campground back in Fort Stockton just after 11pm.  Tomorrow we are off to Guadalupe Mts and Carlsbad Caverns NP!

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