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Huntington and Newport Beaches

Posted by on June 21, 2017

We were all exhausted after our 12+ hour day yesterday at Disneyland and getting to bed after 1am so we slept in this morning!  Lindsay decided to stay at the camper for work stuff and laundry, so Victoria, Thomas and I set off for the beaches.  First, we headed over to Huntington Beach.  We drove up and down Route 1 right adjacent to the beach.  We were surprised when we could see an oil rig just offshore near Dog Beach and we decided we wanted to be near the pier and after some diligent hunting, we found a close parking spot.  The beach was beautiful and the weather was cool in the upper 60’s.  We touched our toes to the even colder Pacific waters and decided to leave our “boogie” boards in the car! We threw the Frisbee and walked along the beach people-watching before heading out onto the very nice Huntington Beach pier.  We enjoyed watching the people fishing and really liked watching the surfers on the large waves.  We walked all the way out and circled the restaurant at the end of the pier, Rubys- Surf City Diner.  After getting back close to the beach, we watched some very good beach volleyball players in action- they probably had over 5 dozen volleyball courts up and down the beach.  After getting back into the car, we headed further south to Newport Beach.  We pulled out the soccer ball and a paddleboard game and played in the setting California sun for several hours near the Newport Pier in the Balboa Peninsula section!  After working up an appetite, we had a delicious seafood dinner at The Crab Cooker of Salmon, Halibut, Shrimp, Chowder.  A very cool restaurant.  We headed home and got a good nights sleep ahead of our big day tomorrow back at Disney’s California Adventure.

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